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Little People of the British Isles (The)

58 wATER FAERY Deceptive in their beauty, the females will seduce young men and steal their souls, while the males are bad tempered and malicious. Also Water Nymph. wATER LEAPER Llamhigyn y dwr Wales. Vicious Welsh water faeries, appear like a small toad with bats wings and tails instead of legs. They drown fishermen and drag sheep under the water to eat them. wATERSHEERIE ireland. Alternative name for Will O The Wisp. wATER wRAITH scotland. Scowling, female water spirit, said to appear mostly to people who are drunk. wAYLAND SMITH england. Reportedly King of the Elves who resides at Wayland Smithy, a chambered long barrow in Wiltshire. Legend says that if a horse is tethered overnight at Wayland Smithy it will be magically shod by morning. wEATHER FAIRES Generic term for spirits or elementals of wind, rain, sun, storm etc. wEE FOLK scotland, ireland. Faeries. wEE wILLY wINKIE scotland Sandman in Europe. Faery of sleep and pleasant dreams. wELL SPIRITS Well Guardians. Keepers of wells, springs and other water sources. wHITE DOBBIE scotland, england. Partnered by a wildly staring white hare with bloodshot eyes, this faery resembles a frail, lifeless human wearing a dirty white coat. wHITE LADY Interchangeable with ghost or faery, this apparition is known the world over as a genius locus, or spirit of the place, and is particularly noted as the guardian of wells, springs, rivers and bridges. She is also synonymous with Guinevere of Arthurian legend, which in its original form Gwenhwyvar means white phantom. The Irish white phantom Bean Fionn means white lady. wILL O THE wISP Spectral light that flickers over marshes, bogs and swamps. Said to be the souls of dead children or lost souls trapped between heaven and hell. Some say that witnessing this phenomenon is an omen of illfortune, even death. Also William With The Little Flame or Will O The Wykes. wISH HOUNDS Wist Hounds Wisht Hounds devon, cornwall A pack of black, headless, ghostly hounds that haunt Wistmans Wood on Dartmoor, hunting human souls. They are also said to hunt the demon Tregeagle in Cornwall, accompanied by their huntsman, the Devil. Also Yell Hounds or Yeth Hounds. wITcH Sometimes interchangeable with hag or faery. Said to possess magical powers and an intuitive knowledge of herbs and potions. Can conjure magical spells and fly through the air on a broom stick or ragwort stalk. Often seen seated at a spinning wheel, weaving spells, both good and evil. Able to change their appearance to seduce men and bring them under their spell. wOMAN OF THE MIST england. Said to appear as an old woman collecting sticks at the side of the road, then to disappear into the mist. A hag or faery of Somerset tradition. wRYNEcK lancashire, england. Evil spirit or faery, said to be even worse than the Devil. YALLERY BROwN East Anglia. Perhaps the most evil of faeries, this Yarthkin was discovered under a stone, cocooned in his own yellowy brown hair and beard. If you stop to help Yallery Brown, you will be blighted with misfortune for the rest of your life. YARTHKIN Earthkin england. East Anglian Earth Faery and Water Faery. Also Tiddy Mun.
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