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Little People of the British Isles (The)

44 45 the mAgIc gArden plant and flower The bottom of the garden with its boundary between the green wilderness and known world is a place where wonder always exists for children. As fairies love innocence or innersense and are gallant and proud protectors of it is no wander that they reveal themselves to their little human counterparts so much. The little people of the flowers, herbs and plants are responsible for the growth, colour and protection of their respective plants, herbs or flowers much like the little people of the trees. Devas, or plant spirits and flower fairies, are tiny, subtle, creatures dressed in the garb and colour of their particular plant and fly, as witches do, on ragwort stems although sometimes they have iridescent wings. The connection between the flower fairies and humans is one of the few remaining chains left unbroken for it flourishes still in our awareness. Daisy chains can be made to offer the floral fays. The garden is the best place to start to bring back the little people into our lives. Try reciting this rhyme fairy laughter and fairy light, come and be my chosen sprite
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