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Little People of the British Isles (The)

40 41 No species of the little people is more connected to man than the agricultural brownies. Belonging to a rural age now long gone they would often help around the farm and do the work of many men, sowing, ploughing, reaping and grinding the grain as well as all of the other laborious jobs. Up to three feet in size, shaggy, hairy and with very strong with old wizened faces, at one time every farm would have its own resident brownie that would help the needful and hinder the nasty and lazy, often undoing the work of many. If a gift of clothing is offered or laid to a brownie they will disappear, never to return, preferring instead a daily offering of cream, oatcakes and honey in their favourite nook either in or outside of the house. The most famous brownie appears in the ancient ballad handed down in the nursery rhyme of Aiken Drum. FrolIckers oF FIeld And FArm toil and soil
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