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Little People of the British Isles (The)

38 39 The most frequent and widespread species of the little people, more commonly seen around the world than any other, are those that appear as iridescent and phosphorescent balls or orbs of light. They prefer to appear more often over watery earth, or buried veins of metal or ore, yet travel great distances across all terrains. In England they are Willowthewisp, in Ireland the fairy fire or Teine Sidh, in Wales Ellylldan and in Scotland the Merry Dancers. Their favourite pastime is to mislead nighttime travellers over long distances across brake and brier. They will alluringly beckon the muddy mArshes from foolish fire to rings of power with their luminescence and are very receptive to our interest. Those humans with hard heads and hearts are often lead into ditches and bogs whilst those of lighter note are often lead to behold the symmetrically beautiful circle dances that many of these lights join at their journeys end. Whilst following them they will usually travel off if ones awareness is diverted and travel closer and slower if they are given attention. Depending upon the individual these lights can also lead to fairyland or sometimes to buried treasure. Innumerable species of the little people have the ability to enter their own luminescence and groups of five seen swiftly spinning across the land to join with an even bigger circle are especially captivating to behold and lucky to follow.
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