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Little People of the British Isles (The)

34 35 Few humans have ever gazed at the ethereal beauty of the Fairy Queen. Each and every species of the little people have their own particular queen yet Mab personifies them all. In later days, as with many other fay folk the Fairy Queen also had a consort, the King Oberon in some sources, and in Ireland, where she goes by the name of Medb, all the ancient fair queens and kings are recognised as goddesses and gods. Many true poets are gifted with the second sight, and Blake and Shelley both describe the Fairy Queen in their visionary works. Indeed, many of those that travel to the fair country as Mabs guests and are careful enough to avoid eating the food offered there have been notably blessed on their return with the special gifts of eloquent speech, fashionable attire and worldly success. Other fortunate humans to visit her include Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin, both the subject of Scottish ballads bearing their name. Queen oF the stArs Mab, the magical matriarch
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