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Little People of the British Isles (The)

30 31 When Shakespeare wrote A Midsummers Night Dream he may have taken his inspiration from Cwm Pwca, or Pucks Valley, a fabled magical valley in the Brecon Mountains of Wales, alive with nature spirits in Welsh Ellyllon, Dynan or Pwca. The English Puck or Pouk, the Irish Phouka and their cousins the Welsh Pwca have all enjoyed popularity since Shakespeares time. Collectively, their favourite pastime is to mislead night travellers much in the same way as willothewisp, yet Puck is also the Mercurial trickster and prankster and will play mischievous practical jokes on humans much to the delight of himself and his fellows. He can shapeshift at will and turn into other species of fey as well as taking on the form of a horse, eagle, bat, or mule. Essentially the Pukas magical powers are used to aid and help honest folk and hinder those that are illdisposed, although he can also spread disorder wherever he pleases. This behaviour, much the same as exhibited by all fairy species, is particular to those that left for the wilderness during the Great Divide. These more untamed and little people are often less than wellrespected and thus viewed more spitefully and unpleasantly than they merit. vAles, vAlleys And dAles playful pranksters of pandemonium
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