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Little People of the British Isles (The)

28 29 Upon certain days of the year, when the earth moves through the four seasons, the engaging and ancient earthfertility dances of the little people may sometimes be beheld. So enchanting is their music, for all are extremely gifted musicians, and so alluring is their dancing that they often attract the uninvited. Those souls who join them for what seems but a short spin can leave the circle to discover that seven of our years have passed. The remains of their skipping feet leaves patches of circular bare, sacred, earth and are never entered or ploughed for fear of reprisals from the little people. Much, if not all, of ancient paganism is rooted firmly in the realms of the little people and much lore passed from the fays to the witches, wise or cunning folk. The continuing fertility rites and dances of Morris men are ancient gambols handed down from them. the green gAllItrAp a merry dance of hop, skip and trot
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