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Little People of the British Isles (The)

26 27 Of all forest dwellers, none is more rarely seen than the hobbits. Very few accounts of them exist in written literature concerning the little people, yet they have enjoyed literary resurgence in the last several decades. They belong to the family of hobs, from which many descendant species exist, but who, unlike the rest of their relations, have chosen not to forge connections with mankind. This heralds what is known in the fairy faith as the Great Divide and echoes the time when two branches grew separately out of the fairy folk. One stem chose to try and make mankind realise his folly as the land was urbanised, whilst the other preferred to leave him to it and take vestige wherever there was true wilderness left. Hobbits are not ill disposed to mankind, just remote from us, choosing to take abode in the most undomesticated and secluded regions of forest. They are up to three feet high, have large feet and can be quite hairy. They are shy yet benevolent, and retain knowledge of natures secrets that is far older than themselves. Some legends tell that they are descended from Hobany, the king of the little people who is in service to his Queen, Habonde. tree And leAF hobbits and hobholes
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