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Little People of the British Isles (The)

22 23 The wild woods are the last green sanctuaries of wilderness and are one of the most populated places of the little peopleboth sacred to and protected by them. Woods and forests are also home to the individual and collective deities governing each species of tree, plant and flower and as such are the last great entrances of initiation into the mysteries of the great earth mother herself. Getting lost is the first step when looking for the Heart of the Forest. Without the help of the little people it cannot be found, but when it is, one walks through a wall of silence into a space where vision begins to looses its solidity as the web of glamour disentangles. Also found near to the Heart of the Forest are fairy knolls or knowes, small, raised mounds of earth covered in moss, grass or vegetation. Powerfully protected entrances to their realm, offerings left outside of them sometimes grant blessings in return. The fabled fairy knowe at Aberfoyle, in Scotland was where the reverend Robert Kirk entered the Secret Commonwealth and wrote a book bearing the same title, eventually passing from this earth into the same realm, where he remains to this day. Rare trees consisting of several different species growing together are especially potent and venerated by the little people, both as a place of abode and as a meeting place of Dryads, or tree spirits. The usual offerings of milk, butter, cheese, oatmeal and bread, made at the foot or in the nook of such trees and offered without expectation, can render wondrously clear vision into their realm for the fair folk prefer human food to their own. the WIld WoodlAnd woods between the worlds
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