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Little People of the British Isles (The)

20 21 The four directions of the compass, north, east, south and west, derive their names from fourfamous dwarfs from the Old Norse dvergr of Heathen tradition, Nordri, Austri, Sudri, and Vestri who, according to legend, uphold the four corners of the sky. Legendary smiths of the underworld, dwarfs dwell deep within mountains, extracting ores and metals for their magical smithing work. Able to foresee the future they can shapeshift at will and often own a magic cap, cloak, belt, or invisibility ring. Their tribal kingdoms are deep within subterranean halls inside the interiors of mountains where underground cities and palaces are fabled to be filled with treasures too precious for the sight of mortal eyes. Of all species of little people the dwarfs have best continued in prosperity. Sharp and elusive, their dealings with mortals are not always friendly, yet a wellfounded respect can do no wrong. curIous mountAIn cAverns denizens of the deep beneath
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