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Little People of the British Isles (The)

12 13 The female nixies and the male nixen are very closely related to European undines, river maidens and river men. Both species of fairy are fabled and very old, yet usually appear in human form as young and beautiful, and share between them many of the same duties and powers. They are constant and highly skilled shapeshifters, but while the women tend to favour elegant fishtails the men often change into a horse, either in part or completely. The guardians of the underwater realms of the little people, they always accompany those visiting this realm. Nixies and nixen are generally inoffensive to humans. However, on occasions their mood can reflect the ever changing waters which they inhabit, and they have been known to lure the unwary to a watery embrace. All have a particular fondness and love of humans and tales tell of them choosing humans as their consorts. They like playing practical jokes and would often throw a human into the river once they had climbed onto the horse that they had luckily found. They have the magical power to answer any question about the present or future, the ability to play the fiddle or harp and will sometimes teach humans how to play if properly gifted. reAlms oF rushIng WAter resident river revellers
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