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Little People of the British Isles (The)

10 11 All species of the little people simply adore water but no greater fun is had than by the pixies who simply worship water and love to play in it. Ancient wells and springs everywhere remain sacred to the little people, and they are the careful and wise wardens of such places. Placing offerings of money, pins, buttons, milk, cheese or objects of worth into these wells is a continuation of the belief in their magical ability to grant wishes or bestow healing and indeed all older wells are, either, wishing or healing wells. Over time, many wells and springs have been renamed and, so, lost their connection with their true owners. Yet the tradition of tying ribbons to nearby trees to honour the little people continues today and they may still be seen dancing around many of the old wells particularly around midsummer. The first water to be drawn from the well after the winter solstice was called the cream or flower of the waters and was especially magically powerful, being blessed by the pixies. The use of this water could improve matrimonial prospects, beauty, health and the magical ability of flying, usually granted to those who know the lore of the little people. Dew, gathered from the grass upon the four main celebration days of the year, was also exceptionally blessed by the little people, being useful for healing. Sometimes, upon watery days, if you listen carefully, high pitched pixie laughter can be heard ringing around wells as it is replenished and refreshed. sprIngs And BABBlIng Brooks pixies, nixies and silly splashes
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