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Little People of the British Isles (The)

4 5 In Ireland, anciently rich in fairy lore, there is an old expression known as Foidin Seachrain the stray sod, a familiar name for an age old experience of stepping, unknowingly, onto a piece of sacred ground enchanted by the little people. This glamour sends the walker wandering, bewildered, in a completely different direction, their mind boggled as to which was their right way. Familiar marks on the land dissolve and paths or markers vanish. The seasons can change. This mischievous sport is delighted in by most species of the little the enchAntment endures glamour, tricks and invisible flicks people, who are entertained, even today, by confusing our senses and tempting the bewildered walker father and father with their beckoning luminescence although they sometimes lead someone lost back home. Humans who have been thus led astray are known by many names pixieled, piskieled, puck or poukledden. One method of dispelling this glamour was to wear ones jacket inside out. Sometimes, when a wanderer has stepped onto enchanted ground or directly into their territory the little people may become visible to them, but only ever fleetingly between on eye blink and the next. In effect these sacred places are portals to the otherworld of nature and thus to the beings that take abode therein.
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