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Little People of the British Isles (The)

2 3 Legend tells that once, upon all lands, before any people had crossed the seas to the four corners of the earth, there existed a former race of little people much shorter than man. A longlived and shy race, they came to know the earths secrets well, and were so intimate with nature as to be fully a part of her, perceiving everything upon her as being alive. Among other natural gifts they had a vision that could pass into the subtle and spiritual otherworld of nature and were our last ancestors who naturally accepted this vision. The beings of nature, responsible for all green verdure and growth, were visible to them, as were the passing spirits of animals and humans. They observed the earths cosmic pulses rippling across the landscape and plotted out these veins and points of energy with the stone circles, cairns, barrows and the temples of ancient worship. Rare tales of the first tribes who traversed the seas told of these ancestral little people and their ability to pass on this secret sight to mankind. Walkers of the old paths and ancient places can sometimes reconnect to this gift and see into natures otherworld, as they once did. Gifted with legendary supernatural powers the little people have continued and survived the conversion to Christianity and seemed less likely to appear as themselves, during this time, more often taking the form of coloured orbs or earth lights merrily moving across the landscape. But beware, the lights leads to fairyland, and following blindly can lead to tricky terrain. once upon A Former tIme the threads of a lost perception
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