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Little People of the British Isles (The)

1 IntroductIon The enigma and identity of the little people have, through the ages of yore, vexed greater minds than thine tiny and persevered in the asking. Many lives have been touched by them, through the ancient tales that have long been told, to the fleeting glimpses that have been had of them in their natural surroundings. Our perception, like our history, has fashioned them with different cloaks of identity and appearance, made of a fabric that has been weft together with the magical glamour they have used to veil themselves from us. This glamour that they have cast over us, whose veil still enchants our vision, is perhaps the most forgotten yet finest thread of rapture they have tied to us and its knots hold fast still The farther back in time we tread into the green wilderness of this land the more real and part of our lives the little people become. Our forbearers, who worked with nature as the harvest of their labours, coexisted alongside the little people and accepted them as part of their daily rustic life. Legend tells that they began to disappear from our vision with the approach of the invisible century, known to us as the industrial age, and would return to it when we began to realise our folly during the ascension into the visible century. Many have tried to classify them and yet their glamour bedazzles any attempt at clear classification as they take on the features of the environment they inhabit and display them within their characters. With such a varied illumination of perception I present this work as more of a guideline than guide as it was by the light of such flitting luminosity that this little book of little people was written. Isle Of Erriad Ellum do grieve, Oak he do hate, Willow do walk, if Yew travels late. Old Somerset Saying
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