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Little People of the British Isles (The)

4 For Freya and Danu, May your goddesses forever watch over you. Contents Introduction 1 Once Upon a Former Time 2 The Enchantment Endures 4 Wandering Between the Worlds 6 The Second Sight 8 Springs and Babbling Brooks 10 Realms of Rushing Water 12 Ladies of the Lake 14 Sand and Foam 16 Coves and Cunning Caves 18 Inside the Mountains 20 The Wild Woodland 22 The Crowd of Copses 24 Tree and Leaf 26 The Green Gallitrap 28 Vales, Valleys and Dales 30 Doors in Hollow Hills 32 Queen of the Stars 34 The Misty Meadows 36 The Muddy Marshes 38 Frolickers of Field and Farm 40 Honouring the Hearth 42 The Magic Garden 44 Journeys End 46 Glossary of Little People 4858 They could cause and cure most diseases And knew the virtues of herbs, plants, stones, Minerals, of all creatures, birds, beasts, Of the four elements, stars and planets. The Anatomy Of Melancholy, Robert Burton, 1621
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