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Stanton Drew

50 51 godS And goddeSSeS spirit of place When trying to understand the complex religious or ritual psychology of the ancient Neolithic Briton, it can help to look across the waves to that other great culture of the same millennium, ancient Egypt. The common notion of the initiate giving up his earthly life to become divine has its origins among the sacrificial godsin Egypt Osiris represented the divine element in man, and his ritual murder, dismemberment and resurrection was enacted as a magical depiction of the fertile power of nature and the cycle of the agricultural year. The Egyptian Sun God Horus was traditionally born at midwinter, signalling the return of the Sun, a date immortalised in stone at Stanton Drew. Thoth, also Lugh, Mercurial God of the Underworld had his festival Lugnasadh or Lammas on August 1st, halfway between midsummer and the autumn equinox. Ancient texts advise students to look for him where the mountains meet the sky, at dusk when night meets day and on the shoreline where land meets water. In fact, whatever route you take in life to make sense of the miracle of conscious life on Earth, Britains ancient sites, Stanton Drew among them, stand in testimony to the fact that you are not alone in pondering such things. As you walk about the crystalstudded stones, enjoy the view, the air, and the sense of great antiquity, it is humbling to realise just how little we really know about our ancestors. If only the stones could speak. Or perhaps they can, it is just we who have forgotten how to listen.
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