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Stanton Drew

38 39 dowSing STAnTon drew ways to the beyond The dowsers surveys on these pages were rescued off a bonfire by a Mr Ali Carr in 1990 and kindly made available for this book. They are the previously unpublished maps of the telluric looping and spiralling aquastats and influence lines around Stanton Drew made by the legendary dowser Guy Underwood of Bradfordon Avon in the 1950s. Many people can feel subtle energies at a powerful site like Stanton Drew, and each dowser tends to see these energies in their own particular way, but Guy Underwood perhaps did more to accurately record the fine details of his dowsings than any twigger before or since. With his own patented dowsing rod, Underwood discovered that energies at sacred sites work in ways we can scarcely imagine.
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