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Stanton Drew

36 37 mySTeriouS forCeS light phenomena at the stones Major F.A.Menzies, a distinguished First World War Army engineer and surveyor, claimed he witnessed unusual phenomena at Stanton Drew in the 1940s. Having moved to France to study Feng Shui, he was an established geomancer, reportedly able to locate ley lines and advise on ill health caused by geopathic stress. One day, he had an extraordinary experience which was later related to fellow surveyor, George Sandwich in 1952, a year before his death Although the weather was dull there was no sign of a storm. Just at a moment when I was rechecking a bearing on one of the stones in that group, it was as if a powerful flash of lightning hit the stone, so the whole group was floodlit, making them glow like molten gold in a furnace. Rooted to the spot unable to move I became profoundly awestruck, as dazzling radiations from above caused the whole group of stones to pulsate with energy in a way that was terrifying. Before my eyes, it seemed the stones were enveloped in a moving pillar of fire radiating light without heat writhing upwards towards the heavens on the other hand it was descending in a vivid spiral effect of various shades of colour earthward. In fact the moving, flaring lights gyrating around the stones had joined the heavens with the earth.
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