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Stanton Drew

34 35 vAniShed SToneS the lost megaliths A number of stones from the original design of Stanton Drew are today sadly missing. Specific references are made in the nineteenth century, for example, to Tynings Stones, a pair of megaliths in a field called Middle Ham at Lower Tyning, aligned due West of the Great Circle see page vi. Both were reportedly over 5ft in height, but local sources tell of these two megaliths having been removed in the 1960s. Regrettably, like the Tollhouse Stone see page 3, no trace of them remains. Other stories relate that further stones, particularly from the Great Circle, were destroyed in the Medieval period, and in the eighteenth century many were reportedly lost to masonry and road metalling. The later use of Stoney Close the area containing the Great Circle and the Northeast Circle as an orchard and for various kinds of farming, would no doubt have caused even further damage. Thus, sadly, some of the original giants of Stanton Drew no longer grace this magnificent site. Despite these trials, however, a good many of the stones of the great circle remain where they fell. A little poking around with a stick on a wet afternoon will enable the keener visitor to discover the outline of some veritable monsters lying just under the turf. Other stones are overgrown but visible. As with Arbor Low, in Derbyshire, one wonders why these fantastic sites are not properly restored and their stones reerected. Perhaps the authorities are frightened of the magic that might be unleashed if they were.
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