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Stanton Drew

30 31 AlignmenTS leyhunting at Stanton Drew Leylines alignments of ancient sites over distance appear to be evident around Stanton Drew. A line running from the Cove, for example, passes through St. Marys church, on to the Great Circle and to the centre of the Northeast Circle. A longer ley line runs from the church to the Iron Age fort at Dolebury Camp and then on to Brean Down. Yet another is said to pass through the stones at the ancient settlement at Cameley linked with the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail on its way to Maes Knoll and subsequently to the Market Cross in the old city centre of Bristol. Dundry Down and Cadbury Camp at Tickenham are also thought to be aligned with Stanton Drew. Importantly, from the centre of the Great Circle the midsummer sunrise in 2,000 BC would have been at the point where Hautevilles Quoit is located, on an alignment that passes through the exact centre of the Great Circle to the centre of the SW Circle opposite top. On a flat plain midsummer sunrise will exactly oppose midwinter sunset, but at Stanton Drew, due to the lie of the land, the midwinter sunset in 2,000 BC from the centre of the Great Circle would have aligned with the Cove, on a line back through the centre of the Great Circle to the NE Circle. This midwinter line is at a bearing which suggests a hidden pentagonal geometry as it is defined by a pentagram pointing due east the traditional geomantic orientation of a pentagram or pentagon in the landscape. The midsummer line is similarly defined as fiveninths of the way round from North. Above Schematic diagram showing midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset alignments as defined by the geometry of the primary elements at Stanton Drew. Left Diagram by J. Martineau showing the 144degree pentagonal angle created by the midwinter sunset line. mid summ er su nris e midwinter sunset Cove
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