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Stanton Drew

18 19 The STone CirCleS megalithic magic The stones at Stanton Drew are the final characters to play on the stage. Replacing the wooden structure, the stone megaliths might have neatly filled the spaces between the wooden posts and the ditch that made up the original construction, we do not yet know if they were contemporary. Today, Stanton Drews most famous feature is undoubtedly its stones. At the monuments heart is the Great Circle which, like Stonehenge, originally consisted of some 30 stone giants, of whom an impressive 27 still survive. Indeed, the Great Circle at Stanton Drew is one of the largest and most impressive stone circles in the world, and easily dwarfs the two accompanying circles that complete the ancient site. Like the Northeast Circle, the Great Circle was once approached by an avenue of standing stones, although many of these have since fallen. What remains of a second avenue still meets the Great Circle from the northeast. Although today in ruin, megalithic monuments such as Stanton Drew still evoke in many visitors a considerable degree of spiritual upliftment, mystical stirring, even awe. But perhaps the real magic is in the incredible feat accomplished by our ancestors in the construction of these ancient marvels, utilizing little more than a keen desire and a system of technological wizardry unsurpassed since. With careful alignments, as we shall see, to the heavens, and utilising complex geometries, they created monuments which have lasted over 4,000 years. No cement or mortar required.
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