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Stanton Drew

CONTENTS Introduction 1 The Area Surrounding 2 Early Plans 4 Quarrying 8 An Overview of the Site 10 The Third Temple 12 A Great Henge 14 The Wooden Building 16 The Stone Circles 18 Views of Stanton Drew 20 Hautevilles Quoit 22 The Cove 24 Unexplained 28 Heavenly Alignments 30 Geometry in the Circles 32 Vanished Stones 34 Mysterious Forces 36 Dowsing Stanton Drew 38 Stoney Littleton 40 The Neolithic Vision 42 Legend and Healing 44 Ritual at the Stones 46 The Druids 48 Gods and Goddesses 50 The Song of Stanton Drew 54 To all those to whom I have unveiled this magical site, and in gratitude for the insights they have passed on to me. Many thanks to Anthony, Arts Librarian at the Reference Library at Bristol Central Library for his help with the illustrations for this book, to Dan Goodfellow for his illustrations on pages 6, 34, 35 and 43, and to my editors and additional picture researchers John Martineau, Hugh Newman and Jon King. H. M. J. Underhills 1895 watercolour sketch of the small northeasterly circle at Stanton Drew
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